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  1. EsLsec4gr01 :: 26 students :: Haven't yet @ccessed the Wiki
  2. EsLsec4gr02 :: 30 students ::
  3. EsLsec4gr03 :: 30 students ::
  4. EsLsec4gr04 :: 32 students :: Haven't yet @ccessed the Wiki
  5. EsLsec4gr45 :: 24 students :: Musical Option
  6. EsLsec4gr47 :: 25 students :: Athletic Option

Dear EsLsec4 Students: DjOaEsLsec4

I finished the evaluation of your summaries on Lost's episode The Hunting Party, written by Gr. EsLsec4gr02, EsLsec4gr03, EsLsec4gr45 and EsLsec4gr47, first, in class, then, in the Wiki, for those who where there that day. I sent your final marks to FredericK Monday morning, 2008jan14.

FredericK will likely take care of the evaluation for groups EsLsec4gr01 and EsLsec4gr04, who only watched and summarized the episode at the end of last week.

Teaching you for three weeks, before and after New Year 2008, was a lovely experience. As for this Wiki, due to the snow storm in December and the last day of school with Christmas activities instead of classes, only the present students, who all received their password, of four groups on six had the opportunity to transcribe in this Wiki their corrected summaries, handwritten from notes taken while watching Lost's episode The Hunting Party.

If I can come back for the first three weeks of March, just after Spring break and at the end of this third étape, I will make sure all six EsLsec4 groups write a lot in this Wiki: if so, your Web writings in the Wiki will be part of your marks, for your third report card.


  1. MaitreDuWiki : FredericK, DjO,
  2. Matière(s) : ESL : EsLsec4
  3. Niveau(x) : Secondary IV, CYCLE 2
  4. # Étudiants : ±164
  5. École(s) : Jean-de-Brébeuf
  6. Commission Scolaire : De la Capitale
  7. Qc, QC.

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